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170416: new subforum with news and tools to speed up development with U10 (community version)

170401: opened a new subforum with contributions for the TURF_U10 project

a new year, a new dITo support on how to transfer deleted items from the datamodel. See screancast 140102-dito-export-and-cif.zip And we have a small documentation added  as "140106 - dITo communicate deleted objects of datamodel to target system.pdf"

"It was twenty years ago today, ..."

well on April 1st 1993 I started with Uniface GmbH, the fresh founded german subsidiary of Uniface International.
As Leader of the helpdesk, I built up the infrastructure, the processes and knowledge, got a lot of insight how this is handled by "the Lab".
Worked as a Qualified Consultant / Qualified Senior Consultant in most cases finding concepts to make uniface work as our customers expect.

Since 2003 beeing thrown in the freelancer market trying to make my bread and butter with my experiences, focused on the uniface issues.

20 long years with the product uniface,
dealing with all the sometimes obscure inhabitants of unifaceland
years working for and as the dITo initiative
exchanging help and ideas on the uniface listserver as well as on T.U.R.F.
more than 1,100 posts on uniface.info
a lot of help for the community (free of charge)
failing to make uniface a better product.

It looks like it's the time to look for new areas where I can earn my living.

I will stay connected to T.U.R.F. and if I can help, I will do.

110305: gratis support suspended on all dITo sites after dITo was flamed "not beeing professional"; but you can mail me if you need some material

Sep,2009 a complete redesign with focus on uniface and the dITo initiative 

welcome to uli-merkel.de

welcome to uli-merkel.de

This is my new homepage (here my "old") and the portal for all my different private, uniface and professional activities and artefacts collected over 30+ years. In the next days, this new arena will be filled with all kind of documents, downloads, screen casts and examples.

Other subsections can be reached directly using the following links:

New (170416): News and Tools to speed up U10 development (community version)

New (170401): Contributions for TURF_U10

dITo (do IT ourself)

Mit Babysteps in die XTEXT/Xtend Welt

Material for the Frankfurt Coding Night

my forum


Success, Uli

To contact me (give me some feedback), please use the Menu-Item "Mailform".

!00!160311_meetup.zip  46.223.940 Bytes  11.03.2016 09:09:09
130614 fastest datamodeling in uniface with DSL screencast.zip  14.499.208 Bytes  14.06.2013 11:46:50
130624 umeCIF1-Sprints-doc-and-screencasts.zip  9.583.772 Bytes  24.06.2013 09:00:55
140102-dito-export-and-cif.zip  8.690.665 Bytes  02.01.2014 20:30:27
140106 - dITo communicate deleted objects of datamodel to target system.pdf  57.668 Bytes  07.01.2014 16:22:01
140114-dynamicHTML.zip  658.526 Bytes  14.01.2014 09:17:02
140812-dITo Global Actions.pdf  49.458 Bytes  12.08.2014 09:58:52
171211-9601-ADDITIONAL-externalEditor.zip  618 Bytes  11.12.2017 20:33:16
171211-9601-ADDITIONAL-individualBackups.zip  1.688 Bytes  11.12.2017 20:38:41
190114-cpt_modfrm1.zip  4.020 Bytes  24.01.2019 09:25:37
190128-cpt_u8y_ubarmenu.zip  90.108 Bytes  28.01.2019 14:46:00
bug_outputbox-screencast.zip  2.414.602 Bytes  06.03.2013 11:20:07
CHM differences between 9601X101 and 9501E111.zip  27.031.262 Bytes  12.12.2012 09:33:49
dITo project SEQREAD plus - how2test.zip  62.266 Bytes  04.12.2012 09:33:59
dITo-etc-gratis-support-suspended.pdf  20.217 Bytes  05.03.2011 12:27:04
dITo-HTMLwidget-bugs-130218-screencast.zip  3.448.464 Bytes  18.02.2013 10:29:38
DITO_FILEEXT_9601.xml.txt  37.729 Bytes  25.07.2014 10:18:43
dITo_pulse_basics.pdf  58.935 Bytes  08.05.2013 09:49:38
dIToLoV - using the new 9601 popup page.zip  215.769 Bytes  19.12.2012 09:28:19
dIToLov List of Values with popup pages - screencast.zip  5.635.571 Bytes  19.12.2012 11:19:38
ditosplit_demo-9601-130312.zip  3.511.145 Bytes  12.03.2013 11:32:10
IDFCUST_EXEC.zip  836 Bytes  07.12.2012 13:34:59
logon-failed.jpg  297.486 Bytes  29.05.2014 08:58:54
some uniface 9601 HTML experiments-121230.zip  6.509.584 Bytes  31.12.2012 09:53:26
some uniface 9601 HTML experiments-130104.zip  6.639.222 Bytes  04.01.2013 11:11:12
WhatsNewU103Exercisesv1.3_proofreading.doc.zip  26.971 Bytes  19.12.2018 16:12:44

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